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Matthew Chapter 18 Verse 20

The Sunday celebration of the Eucharist is the heart and soul of the life of Catholic Christians, and it is our highest form of prayer. As the Lord commanded, we come together each week to join our offerings to his self-offering on the cross — made present once again in all its power for our healing and strength, and for the healing of a broken world.

At Mass, we encounter the Lord as we hear His word proclaimed, in the person of his minister, the priest, and in one another. Most especially, of course, we encounter him in the sacrament under the appearance of bread and wine. As we receive him in holy communion each Sunday, we are united more deeply with the Lord and with one another.

And so, through our Sunday celebrations, we are changed — gradually it is true, sometimes more gradually than we would like. But we know that each Sunday we are strengthened to love one another as the Lord commanded us, and are sent forth to change the world by changing our lives (bit by bit, day by day) and so doing, to change others lives as they encounter the gifts of generosity, patience, forgiveness, and courage we have been given.