Rev. John Redmond

Rev. John Redmond

Born in Grey County, and ordained by Bishop Crosby for the Diocese of Hamilton in 2012, Father John has been pastor here at St. Pius Brantford since 2017. In his free time, he enjoys reading and conversation, and over the years he has also become more firmly attached to the ups and downs of the Toronto Raptors than perhaps is entirely wise!

Faith Story

My story is similar to many. I was “born and raised” Catholic as we Catholics like to put it! As a youngster, I was well versed in what Catholics DO but had little sense of WHY we do them. And so as a young adult my attention quickly drifted away from any involvement with my faith, or with God or prayer. And things stayed that way for quite a while. 

Like many others, as I moved into my 30’s I began to think more seriously about my life, and the bigger questions about its meaning and purpose.  Though I wasn’t praying or going to Mass, Catholic connections were still part of my life, and through their witness, I began to realize that you didn’t have to stop thinking to start believing.

So I kept on thinking, and in a long slow process, I gradually began exploring the bible, the teaching and life of the Church, and what those things had to say to me in my life. Finally, as time went on, without ever stopping thinking and reflecting, I began once again to believe. I realized that what God makes known to us in and through Jesus, is a truth worthy of my belief.  It is worthy not because “God says so”, but because it offers practical, reasonable answers to my questions, answers that help me live a better life. And my life since then, including the call to serve as a priest, has flowed from that realization. 

Here at St. Pius Brantford

As my story suggests, as a priest and pastor, I am passionate about helping others to encounter the goodness and truth of the Lord and of our Catholic faith;  in helping our community continue to grow in our Christian witness to our friends and neighbors; and to provide a place where they can hear the good news!

If you’d like to help with those tasks, or if you have questions about your own faith (or whether you have faith) get in touch! You can reach me by email at     or call our Parish office at (519) 753-8439

Pastoral Associate
Andrew Beach