picture fo seminarian Jonathan Reitzel
Jonathan Reitzel

Jonathan Reitzel

Jonathan grew up in the town of New Hamburg.  After high school, he studied for a couple of years at Our Lady Seat of Wisdom (then Academy, now College).  Then entered the seminary with the Diocese of Hamilton.  He has now completed his sixth year of seminary.  For the 2020-2021 academic year, he has been assigned here to St. Pius X parish.

Jonathan enjoys spending time in the outdoors to relax and unwind.


I was raised in a Catholic-Christian home.  Although I was Catholic and attended Catholic schools and our local Catholic church, a fair bit of my faith formation came from other Christian sources.  The Christian faith was just part of life growing up.

The time of high school, though, was a season a grace, a moment of conversion.  In this time, I began to seek the why behind what we believe as Catholic, looking (and finding) reasonable answers to why we believe what we believe as Catholics.  This was also a time in which I came to a deeper appreciation for and practice of prayer and the Sacraments.  Through this, my faith became more than an ideology, but something real and personal.

And the journey has not stopped.  Over the years, our good and gracious God has continued to lead me ever deeper into relationships with Him.  And this beautiful adventure is far from over.

                                                                                              Jonathan Reitzel

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