Once Registered, Always Registered!

Once Registered, Always Registered!

Simplifying Sunday mass registration starting August 22/23
Last week we talked about why it is important to track contact information for those attending mass (to allow quick notification in the event it turns out there is a possibility of exposure to COVID from someone in attendance).

family at church doors

But in the end, having contact information and collecting contact information are two different things. And the truth is that once we have collected that information we have what we need.

So starting August 22/23, we hope to make your life a bit easier by  handling weekend mass registration differently: 

Been here before? – just arrive in time for the mass you want to attend and our Host Ministers will check off your name on a list of those who have registered in the past. We’ll have the registration and attendance info we need and you will have one less thing to remember each week. It’s that simple!

Your first time? – use our web site https://stpiusbrantford.ca/mass-registration/ to help our minsters out by providing your contact info ahead of time, or call the Parish Office at (519)753-8439 and leave your name and phone number. If you forget to pre-register, our Hosts will take down your information at the door. 

Simplifying seating arrangements
In order to maximize our seating capacity, we have been organizing seating based on household size. Beginning August 22/23 we will simply reserve a few pews for larger households and allow you to seat yourself (continuing to respect physical distancing as marked in the pews). As attendance continues to grow we may have to return to a more structured approach, but for now, we’re keeping it simple for all of us!