Messages from April 2021

Messages from April 2021

Love Lives – Week Four

This week we reflect on the amazing truth that God has lavished his love on us by calling us his children. God includes us in his family and then transforms us to become more like him. In this message we will look at how we can love others through sharing our faith and including them in God’s family.

Love Lives – Week Three

Jesus appears to the apostles on the night of his resurrection and offers peace to the men who had betrayed him and left him in his time of need. He explains that he came to forgive us of our sins. As God has loved us and reconciled us to him, we are to forgive and reconcile with others. For love to live in our hearts we will forgive and look to reconcile with others.  It seeks to make real peace…

Love Lives – Week Two

Love obeys because it trusts. We obey God because he loved us first and we trust him. We obey his commandments not to do him a favour, but because we trust his way is best. For love to live and grow in our hearts we must continually trust and obey God, and put our faith in him.

Love Lives – Week One

Jesus was love in action. Whenever people saw Jesus, they saw what love looked like. He went about doing good and healing people, but the world couldn’t handle 100 percent pure love and killed him. However, the grave couldn’t keep him and love conquered death. In this message we look at how the resurrection of Jesus shows that love lives on and that it cannot be destroyed. Jesus lives in us and because he lives in us we can love…