Messages from October 2020

Messages from October 2020

Staying Power – Week Three

As followers of Christ, we are to bring people unconnected to God into a relationship with their Savior. This can only happen if we are good role models for the people around us. At work, at school and in everything we do, God wants us to serve as an example for others of how to live. Paul writes to the Thessalonians that their faith has become a model for other believers. We grow when we commit to live a kind…

Staying Power – Week Two

In the passage from Matthew, the Pharisees try to get Jesus in trouble by asking him about paying taxes to Caesar. Jesus responds deftly so that he avoids the trap and also makes a point about giving our hearts to God. We remind ourselves that we belong to God through prayer and worship. In this message we will look at the importance of carving out time to pray and worship God so that we are reminded that we belong to…

Staying Power – Week One

Fr John Redmond begins the new “Staying Power” Message Series with a focus on the importance of commitments and persevering in those commitments. As members of a parish there are certain commitments we make because we believe they are essential to spiritual growth. Whenever we make these commitments, we can expect obstacles but need to persevere. Growth comes when we work through the obstacles and stay on course.