The Joy Factor

The Joy Factor

Different from pleasure in our bodies, happiness in our minds, or glee in our feelings – joy is deep satisfaction at the center of our hearts and souls, aside from our circumstances at any given moment. Joy is ultimately not something we can earn or have, but something we receive as a gift from God. In this series, we will awaken our desire for joy and bring people on the quest for joy. Our hope is that after this series, people will move from seeking satisfaction with losing weight or other New Year’s resolutions to find joy through trusting in Christ.

The Joy Factor – Week Four

Joy is available to us, but it is not found not in the way we would expect it. Since joy occurs deep in our soul from a transformed character, it requires us to repent and believe in the Gospel. In this message, we will look at how to repent and believe in the Gospel, and will explore its connection to joy.

The Joy Factor – Week Three

We have joy because we are called into an intimate relationship with God in the person of Jesus Christ. He invites us to follow him and provide the life and the joy we greatly desire. Joy comes from following Jesus. We cannot arrange for joy, but we can choose to have joy by following Jesus.  This week, we will talk about making a personal commitment to Christ. 

The Joy Factor – Week Two

 We desire joy because God has put that in us, but we often don’t find it because we are looking in the wrong places. We work for things that do not satisfy or really give us joy. We seek joy in money or ripped abs or in comparing ourselves to others. Comparison is the thief of joy. This week, we will look to Isaiah to help us confront our dissatisfaction and aid us in seeing that God greatly desires to…

The Joy Factor – Week One

 In the New Year, we are all making resolutions because we want something better. We make resolutions because ultimately we desire not just happiness, but something more permanent, which is joy. We will introduce the topic of joy and set up the series by delving into the story of the three kings. We will learn how to find joy by learning from the three kings. They find joy because they seek joy. When the star lands on Jesus they are…