Me, Myself and... Us?

Me, Myself and... Us?

.. from isolation to the relationship. Fighting Covid19 made social distancing our new normal, but social distancing – for different reasons – has been around for a while. Our faith teaches us that we are made for relationship. Yet it often seems difficult to establish and maintain those life-giving relationships in our life. Difficult, but not impossible as we will discover!

Me, Myself, and…us? – Week Five

In this final week of the “Me, Myself, and…us?” message series, Fr John looks at community through the lens of both family and friends, and examines the idea of laying down one’s life for a friend.

Me, Myself, and…us? – Week Four

In this fourth week of the “Me, Myself, and…us?” message series, it’s Trinity Sunday! Fr John Redmond considers relationship specifically in light of the Holy Trinity, and takes a look at “God’s math”.

Me, Myself, and…us? – Week Three

Fr John Redmond walks us through the third week of the “Me, Myself, and…us?” message series. How seriously do you take rest in your life? God seemed to take it seriously, and His plan seems to be that you should, too!

Me, Myself, and…us? – Week Two

Week two of the “Me, myself, and…us?” message series dives into issues of commitment – those that the Apostles struggled with, and the ones we struggle with – and gives consideration to the fact that God created the world with a natural way for us to divide up our time and focus on what’s most important.

Me, Myself, and…us? – Week One

The first week of our new message series, “Me, Myself, and…us?”, begins by looking at relationship in scripture and in our own lives. We were made for relationship. Is this time of isolation taking a toll on you? You’re not alone, for this is not how God made you to be!