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Love Lives – Week Two

Love obeys because it trusts. We obey God because he loved us first and we trust him. We obey his commandments not to do him a favour, but because we trust his way is best. For love to live and grow in our hearts we must continually trust and obey God, and put our faith in him.

Love Lives – Week One

Jesus was love in action. Whenever people saw Jesus, they saw what love looked like. He went about doing good and healing people, but the world couldn’t handle 100 percent pure love and killed him. However, the grave couldn’t keep him and love conquered death. In this message we look at how the resurrection of Jesus shows that love lives on and that it cannot be destroyed. Jesus lives in us and because he lives in us we can love…

Palm Sunday

The Saviour you Expect? Other than the Roman occupiers, everyone in the Passion story we heard today believed God would provide Israel with a Messiah – a Saviour. It’s just that Jesus wasn’t exactly the Saviour they expected. How about you?

Needy – Week Five

In the Gospel, Jesus says that unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains just a grain of wheat. He uses that as an explanation for his own crucifixion that he knows is inevitable. In this message we will look at our need to die to ourselves and need to sacrifice in order to gain the life God wants to give us.

Needy – Week Four

As a consequence of sin, each of us has been born broken with a need for healing. It is inevitable that in our lifetime, we will suffer hurts in our hearts and souls, some of which are from others and some that are self-inflicted. This week, we will look at the reality of our need for healing.

Needy – Week Three

In the Ten Commandments, God gives us clear instructions on how to live in relationship with him and live in relationship with others. In the third commandment, he instructs us to rest. In this week of the series, we will look at both our need for work and our need for rest.

Needy – Week Two

God has created a need for him. Our greatest need – above all our other needs – is for a relationship with God. We have a God-shaped hole in our heart that nothing else will fill. In this week, we will explore why we often wander from this relationship with God. We will use the story of Abraham and discuss how eventually he was willing to sacrifice everything because of his faith and trust in God. This is where God…

Needy – Week One

In this first week, we consider the reality that we all have needs. We lay out the ways in which we are tempted to use our needs in the wrong way:  We can be tempted to deny a legitimate need to say that a need is not a need at all, that we are gods as Satan tempted Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. We can be tempted to meet legitimate needs in an illegitimate way. We can be tempted…

Lost & Found – Week Three

Physical pain and suffering caused distress to the leper in today’s gospel. But as we try to imagine his experience, the loneliness, and isolation in which he was forced to live, seem perhaps to be an even bigger burden. So it can be for us as well. So it has been for many even before COVID.  How so? Well, last week talked about how the weight of our burdens may end up leaving us feeling lost. Weighed down and unable…

Lost & Found – Week Two

It’s easy to get lost. In our second week we look at how we can experience feeling lost when the burdens and troubles of the present moment weigh us down, and, carrying them, we cannot even lift up our head. We can no longer see the road ahead. All we can see is where we are at this moment. And what we can see is not good.

Lost & Found – Week One

It’s easy to get lost. It’s easy to get lost in your car but it’s even easier to get lost in your life. And the consequences can be pretty serious. It can be nerve-wracking and even a bit scary. Not knowing where you are, or whether you are heading in the right direction – whether it’s in your car or in your life, is a scary feeling. It’s easy to get lost when you are distracted. And there are so…

The Joy Factor – Week Four

Joy is available to us, but it is not found not in the way we would expect it. Since joy occurs deep in our soul from a transformed character, it requires us to repent and believe in the Gospel. In this message, we will look at how to repent and believe in the Gospel, and will explore its connection to joy.