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The Power of Patient Love – Week Three

The conclusion to “The Power of Patient Love” Message Series focuses on being patient with ourselves. How can we show love and patience with others if we can’t even practice it with ourselves? Fr John Redmond provides some food for thought.

The Power of Patient Love – Week Two

In this second week of our “The Power of Patient Love” Message Series, Fr John looks at patience with each other. We’ve all had those moments of impatience when we wish others would go faster, stop asking silly questions, or just do what they’ve been asked. What insights might scripture be able to share with us?

The Power of Patient Love – Week One

This is the first in a three-part Message Series we’re calling “The Power of Patient Love”. Love is powerful, but so is patience. Are we patient in our lives? This week encourages us to consider just how patient we are with God.
Unburdened: putting fear in its place

Unburdened – Week Three

In this conclusion to the “Unburdened” Message Series, Fr John considers what it might mean if Jesus was king of our life, and how that might change our fears and our burdens.
Unburdened: putting fear in its place

Unburdened – Week Two

Here is an audio re-recording of Week Two of our Message Series. Due to technical difficulties we were left with no usable video or audio of our Mass. This week Jesus challenges us to think about something we don’t always consider — how our fears may impact how we order and arrange the many good things that are part of our life.
Unburdened: putting fear in its place

Unburdened – Week One

There is no shortage of fear in the world today and, some might argue, no shortage of things to be afraid of! But is fear part of God’s plan for us? What does the Bible have to say about fear? Do you know what the most common command in the Bible is? Fr John Redmond has some insights to share!

Me, Myself, and…us? – Week Five

In this final week of the “Me, Myself, and…us?” message series, Fr John looks at community through the lens of both family and friends, and examines the idea of laying down one’s life for a friend.

Me, Myself, and…us? – Week Four

In this fourth week of the “Me, Myself, and…us?” message series, it’s Trinity Sunday! Fr John Redmond considers relationship specifically in light of the Holy Trinity, and takes a look at “God’s math”.

Me, Myself, and…us? – Week Three

Fr John Redmond walks us through the third week of the “Me, Myself, and…us?” message series. How seriously do you take rest in your life? God seemed to take it seriously, and His plan seems to be that you should, too!

Me, Myself, and…us? – Week Two

Week two of the “Me, myself, and…us?” message series dives into issues of commitment – those that the Apostles struggled with, and the ones we struggle with – and gives consideration to the fact that God created the world with a natural way for us to divide up our time and focus on what’s most important.

Me, Myself, and…us? – Week One

The first week of our new message series, “Me, Myself, and…us?”, begins by looking at relationship in scripture and in our own lives. We were made for relationship. Is this time of isolation taking a toll on you? You’re not alone, for this is not how God made you to be!

Possible – Week Five

The conclusion of the “Possible” message series. What are your beliefs about heaven? Do you ever really think about it?