“Lift up your hearts!”

“Lift up your hearts!”

A pastoral letter from bishop Crosby

Our Bishop has written a letter the faithful, reflecting not just on the challenges we face but on our hope

 This is Tuesday, March 17, 2020 – the day after Masses and other programs were canceled within the Diocese of Hamilton. The advice of public health professionals, concern for the health of Chancery employees and their families, for Priests, Deacons, and parishioners, caused us to declare the radical shutdown. Just when we need Him most, we cannot celebrate Mass as a community of faith – hear His Word proclaimed, eat the Bread of Life. 

This is quite a Lenten fast. We hunger for the food that satisfies the longing of our heart – the source and summit of the Christian life. We hunger because we care for the greater community – those whose lives are at risk if they catch the dreaded virus, those who already have it and don’t yet know, and the children – born and unborn. 

Bishop Douglas Crosby – Pastoral letter March 17, 2020

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