What to Expect

What to Expect



Use the map at the bottom of this page or click here to open a Google Maps directions page.


Our parking lot has approximately 70 spaces and is accessed from Wood Street. There is limited on-street parking on Waverly & Wood Streets as well. On Sundays the small parking lot at St. Pius School (across Wood St. from the Church) also has approximately 25 spaces available.

Please note that the on-street parking between the Entrance and Exit to the church parking lot from Wood Street is now a “No Stopping” zone due to the installation of a crosswalk.


There are two entrances to the Church from the Parking lot side. The larger one, FARTHEST from the office and rectory building, serves as our “unofficial” main entrance on Sundays. For photos, head here. The Church is elevated from the parking lot grade so you will need to climb a short set of stairs (inside the church)…or use our accessibility options:

1. Accessibility Ramp (and automated door)

If you’re driving from King George Road you will see our accessibility ramp leading to the “official” front entrance of the Church. There are also exterior stairs to the Church level which have a slightly lower rise than the interior stairs. One of these doors is equipped with a push button for automatic opening for those who need it.

2. Lift

We also have a lift, providing Church and hall (downstairs) access from street level on the Waverly Street side. Please note this is not an elevator, you must continue to hold the button until the lift arrives, and/or until you arrive at the level to which you are going.


Men’s and women’s washrooms are located downstairs in the Church hall (closest stairs are at the back of the Church). Washrooms are on the same end of the hall as the back stairs; men turn left, women turn right as you enter the hall to access. Both washrooms are equipped with a change table for infants. Since the downstairs area is unsupervised during Mass, all children using the facilities should be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult.


If you are attending Mass for the first time (or for the first time in a long time) there are a few things it is good to know.

Sitting and Standing and Kneeling… oh my!

Believe it or not, there ARE reasons for all the ups and downs the congregation goes through during mass, but, all you really need to do as a visitor is to follow the lead of those around you. Of course, if you are limited in your ability to stand or kneel for extended periods, you are welcome to remain seated.


In the pews you will find two hymnals – the Green “Catholic book of Worship III” and red “Celebrate in Song”. We generally sing four hymns at each Sunday Mass. Each will be announced beforehand, both by hymn number (found at the top of the page) and the book in which you can find it. At our Sunday masses (including Saturday evening) the hymn numbers are also posted on two small signs on either side at the front of the Church.

Prayers and Responses

You can count on two prayers in particular as part of every Sunday Mass:

1. The Creed (profession of Faith) The creed is prayed immediately following the priest’s homily (sermon). At St. Pius we mostly use the Nicene Creed — you can find it on Page 16 of the Red “Celebrate in Song” book in your pew. NOTE: During the seasons of Lent and Easter we use the Apostles Creed (found on page 18 in the “Celebrate” book) which has traditionally been associated with the sacrament of baptism.

2. The Our Father (Lord’s Prayer) it comes at the end of the Eucharistic Prayer – the part of the Mass where the priest repeats Jesus’ words from the last supper. The text of this prayer is found on page 24 of “Celebrate in Song”.

Inside Info: If you want to try to follow the prayers the priest and people pray, open the Red book to Page 8 at the beginning of Mass. Some of the prayers were reworded in 2011 and the Green book contains only the older wording – very similar but different enough to confuse you. BEWARE, though, there are multiple options for some of the prayers, so if what we’re saying isn’t what you’re seeing just look further ahead.