Is a Small Group For Me?

Is a Small Group For Me?

Earlier this year a group of parishioners stepped forward to participate in our small group pilot. Recently we gathered them together (virtually) to talk about their experience. Click to watch a short (4 min.) video of what they had to say.

What is a small group?

  • It is not a support group – but you will support each other
  • It is not a prayer group – but you will pray
  • It is not a bible study – but you will sometimes read the bible
  • It IS a place to discuss and have a conversation about scripture and how it intersects with our lives
I’m not currently attending Mass. Is a small group for me?
Yes! Because of the current situation, all our groups will start meeting online, and at least one group will remain permanently as an online community.

How many people in a group?
From 8 -10 people per group

What is a small group meeting like?
A simple format – gather; pray; watch a video; discuss; pray

How often do we meet?
Small groups typically meet weekly (except in summer)

Where do we meet?
As mentioned, all our groups will begin meeting online. As the situation permits and the group agrees, you will be able to transition to in-person meetings in members’ homes.
What do we talk about?
The parish will provide video material to view, and questions to help your discussion.

How long are the meetings?
Online meetings (necessary at first) are from 1 hour to 1 ¼ hours. In-person meetings are generally slightly longer.

Why Join?
Small Groups offer a chance for us to make friends in faith, to grow in relationship with God, and with one another. They are where our large community becomes small.