Good-bye Seminarian Jonathan!

Good-bye Seminarian Jonathan!

This weekend July 24/25 will be Seminarian Jonathan Reitzel’s last weekend at St. Pius. Every seminarian spends at least one (and sometimes two) years in a parish as part of their preparation for the priesthood. And as we have mentioned due to COVID, Jonathan (along with a few of his brother seminarians at the same stage of formation) has had one of the strangest such years in history.

picture fo seminarian Jonathan Reitzel

That said Jonathan has still managed to be a welcome presence for many of our parishioners and especially our parish staff. If you have come to mass during the last year, you will have been greeted by Jonathan (usually both before and after Mass) and if you have been connecting online you have certainly seen him in the sanctuary during Mass, or perhaps reading seen him reading on the livesteams of our daily masses during the lockdowns.

As parish staff we truly grateful for Jonathan’s presence and the tremendous service he has given  our parish in our pastoral, administrative, and liturgical activities over the year.

Jonathan will be continuing his studies at Sacred Heart Seminary in Milwaukee Wisconsin this fall. We wish him well and invite you to keep him in prayer as he continues his journey towards the priesthood.

Attend a goodbye reception for Jonathan after Mass.
To say goodbye to Jonathan we are excited to announce that we will be hosting small receptions (coffee, tea and juice) on the patio outside the Church following our masses this weekend. In stage three we are allowed outdoor gatherings of up to 100 people associated with a religious service. Regulations regarding masks and physical distance will be carefully followed. Please join us!