F.A.Q. – Faith Answering Questions

F.A.Q. – Faith Answering Questions

Thanks for taking the time to submit your questions. We have stopped accepting new questions so we have time to prepare for the Message Series, but we appreciate that you may still be wondering about things. If you have other questions, you can always submit them through the form on our Contact Us page, and we’ll reply via email.

In some ways, being a Catholic is very simple. But not always. Often we have questions. Sometimes they are challenging questions about major issues in our world and in our lives – sometimes they are simpler. But either way, questions deserve answers. In our next message series, we want to come to grips with some of your questions. So, naturally, we are calling it…

F.A.Q. – Faith Answering Questions.

The series will begin Sunday June 20th, but it won’t happen without you. We can’t guarantee we’ll get to every question in the series, but we do guarantee we will take them all seriously.

Remember, we’re happy to receive questions on big issues, but that’s not all we’re interested in. Maybe there is something you’ve seen us do every Christmas or Easter (or even every Sunday), but you’ve never quite understood why? Or something about our parish Rebuilt process that you don’t get? Questions, questions, questions… big or small, we’ll try to answer them all!

How it works is simple. Just submit your question using the form below, and we’ll do our best to respond in the series. (You don’t have to include your name or contact info, but you can.)

This form is currently closed for submissions.