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Jul 26, 2021

St. Anne and St. Joachim

St. Anne and St. Joachim Grandparents of Jesus.  The story of Saints Joachim and Anne is recorded in the Protoevangelium of St. James.  We read here about how Joachim and Anne were a barren couple.  They mourned their barrenness, and the Lord granted them a child: Mary.  When Mary was but three years old, they dedicated Mary to the Lord, to serve Him in the Temple.  St. Anne is often invoked as a patron for ladies seeking a husband.  In…
Jul 29, 2021

Sts. Martha, Mary, and Lazarus

St. Martha, St. Mary, and St. Lazarus Friends of Jesus.  These siblings resided in the town of Bethany, not far from Jerusalem.  In the tenth chapter of the Gospel of St. Luke, we hear about one of Jesus’ visits to the household of these siblings.  We hear about how Martha busied herself with matters of serving and hospitality, but was distracted; while Mary was occupied in listening to the Lord.  They are also mentioned in the Gospel of St. John. …