Consecrating Our Parish to Mary

Consecrating Our Parish to Mary

Join us online at 7:00 pm Friday, May 1st (on our Facebook page or at as Father John consecrates our Parish and its people to our Blessed Mother Mary and places them under her protection as Mother of the Church. Below is the prayer of consecration. You may also pray the prayer in your home (at your convenience) to consecrate your family, or yourself – substituting the appropriate words for “our parish”.

We are joining our own Bishop Crosby, and Bishops, dioceses, parishes, individuals and communities around the world in this appeal for the intercession and protection of our blessed Mother in this difficult time.

Prayer of Consecration 

Most Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of the Church, in this time of pandemic, we turn our gaze to you, and in Christ consecrate to you the faithful of our parish, together with all the people of Canada.

At the Annunciation, fear gave way to trust as you embraced the mysterious and loving plan of God, who through his providence, care and concern brought about newness of life in you and through you. Intercede, we pray, on our behalf as your children, Virgin most faithful. Grant us faith, hope and perseverance, as we strive to serve and bear witness to all persons, responding to the needs of those affected by this virus.

Standing at the foot of the Cross at Calvary, you united yourself with the sufferings of Christ and so uniquely contributed to the mystery of our redemption. We beseech you as Health of the sick, draw to yourself in maternal compassion the brothers and sisters of your Son Jesus and all those who are grieved by this pandemic. Strengthen the dying and comfort those who weep so that all may experience the healing grace of Christ our Divine Physician.

At the Cenacle, after the Resurrection, you accompanied the Apostles with prayer for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

In your maternal care as Consoler of the afflicted, accompany healthcare professionals, all who minister to the sick and those who seek a cure to end this pandemic, that the Holy Spirit may renew the face of the earth.

To all of us, dearest Mary, Mother of all the living, be present and show forth your tenderness, as we raise our eyes to you who shines forth before the entire community as a merciful and compassionate companion on our journey. Time and time again, with burdens weighing heavily on their hearts and in their many necessities, the Christian faithful have sought refuge under your mantle of protection.

Come quickly to our aid at this time, Mother of Mercy, and deliver us from the dangers that surround us in our hour of need; watch over especially the elderly, the weak and the infirm, our children and the unity of our families, and all those who give of themselves selflessly in pastoral care to those in need until in your arms and in your gentle embrace we all find safety and solace.

R. Amen.