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March 2025

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May 26, 2024

11:00am Live Stream Sunday Mass

Weekly live stream of the celebration of Mass from St Pius X Brantford. This Mass is streamed through Facebook, YouTube, and our website.
May 28, 2024

Our Lady Queen of Peace Cenacle

The Cenacle is a prayer group that supports the Marian Movement of Priests (founded by Italian priest Fr. Stefano Gobbi in 1972). Cenacles are worldwide and can include priests, religious, laity, young people, or children. The Official Format consists of the following:
May 28, 2024

Tuesday Mass

The doors to the church open at 11:30am. This Mass is followed by a devotion to Our Lady of Perpetual Help.
May 29, 2024


Want to spend a fun afternoon of cards, coffee and socializing? Join us from 1:00pm to 3:30pm on Wednesdays. Cost is $3.00 with prizes for top scores.
May 29, 2024

Prayers for Souls in Purgatory

Prayers for the Souls in Purgatory prior to Wednesday evening Mass. All are welcome.
May 29, 2024

Wednesday Mass

The doors to the church open at 5:45pm for prayers for the souls in purgatory and time of personal prayer. All weekday Masses are held in the main body of the church.
May 30, 2024

Thursday Mass

Weekday Masses are held in the main body of the church. The doors to the church are typically open at least an hour before Mass.
May 30, 2024

Choir Rehearsal

Our choir meets for a rehearsal in the main body of the church every Thursday evening at 7:00pm. Interested in learning more about our choir or looking to join? Email
May 31, 2024

Friday Mass

Weekday Masses are held in the main body of the church. The doors to the church are typically open shortly after 7:00am. Mass will be immediately followed by Eucharistic Adoration.
May 31, 2024

Adoration & Rosary

Spend time in personal prayer with the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament.Adoration will begin immediately following Mass. At 11:00am the Rosary will be recited. Adoration will conclude at 3:00pm with a Divine Mercy Cenacle.
Jun 1, 2024


Weekly opportunity for Reconciliation before the Saturday evening Mass. Reconciliation will take place in the Reconciliation Chapel (located near the Baptismal Font and the statue of Christ the Teacher). Penitents are welcome to use a screen or sit face-to-face with the Priest.
Jun 1, 2024

Communal Rosary

The rosary is an ancient and still powerful form of Christian prayer. Most of us are familiar with its physical form — a circle of five sets of 10 beads, each set separated by larger single bead, connected to a shorter chain of beads and ending in a crucifix. The practice of praying the rosary poses a challenge to our contemporary restlessness, to our constant search for something new to occupy our attention. It might be appropriate to call it…
Jun 1, 2024

Saturday Vigil Mass

Sunday on Saturday? In the ancient tradition of our faith (going back to the creation account in the bible) the “Lord’s day” actually begins at sunset of the preceding day. Respecting that tradition, one of our weekly Sunday celebrations is held Saturday evening ( at St. Pius that is Saturday at 5:00 pm ) Please join us While it is true that there is a formal and structured way to become a full member of the Catholic Church, at our…
Jun 6, 2024

CWL Meeting

Monthly meeting of the Catholic Women’s League
Jun 20, 2024

IHMMC Associates Meeting

Monthly meeting of Immaculate Heart of Mary Mother of Christ Associates
Mar 3, 2025

St. Katherine Drexel

Saint Katherine Drexel (1858-1955) Born and raised in the American aristocracy, she left it all to minister to the marginalized. Her father was an international banker, residing in Philadelphia. Her mother died while Katherine was just an infant, so she was raised by her loving step-mother. Nursing her step-mother through a three year terminal illness, Katherine discovered even their great wealth did not make one immune to pain and death. Through her travels and education, Katherine became invested in aiding…
Mar 4, 2025

St. Casimir

Saint Casimir (1458-1484) Though royalty, Casimir chose to lead a life of austerity. He was the third child born to Casimir IV, King of Poland, and his wife Elizabeth of Austria. It is said that he wore a hair-shirt (a penitential garb) under his vestments, and that he would often sleep on the ground instead of his bed. He had a great devotion to our Blessed Mother, reciting the hymn “Omni die dic Mariae” (which we see partly in the…
Mar 8, 2025

St. John Of God

Saint John of God (1495-1550) From his own trials, John found his life calling.  John had received faith in God growing up, but during his career as a soldier he gave up an active faith life.  When his career as a soldier came to an end, John became a shepherd.  At the age of forty, John had a conversion experience, filled with deep remorse for his past way of life.  He decided to start up a bookshop and religious goods…
Mar 9, 2025

St. Frances of Rome

 Saint Frances of Rome (1384-1440) Frances models how to find balance among the many tensions of life.  She had an ardent desire to join Religious Life when she was young, but her parents had her married instead.  Amidst all the many demands of family life, Frances maintained a deep life prayer.  Her family was of the noble class, yet she used her resources to be able to minister to the poor.  She herself would visit and care for the sick…
Mar 17, 2025

St. Patrick

Saint Patrick (385?-461?) From slave to apostle, Patrick’s life is marked with mercy.  Born in modern-day Great Britain, Patrick was of Romano-British origin.  At sixteen years of age, Patrick was kidnapped by Irish raiders and sold as a slave in Ireland.  For six years he worked as a slave shepherding.  This was a time of great spiritual growth for Patrick.  Inspired by a dream, Patrick fled.  Patrick caught a ship that brought him to France/Gaul, and he eventually made his…
Mar 19, 2025

St. Joseph

St. Joseph A just man.  That is how Joseph is described by Sacred Scripture, that he was a just/righteous man.  He is the icon of fatherhood.  To Joseph the Heavenly Father entrusted the fathering of His Divine Son, Whom God had conceived in the Joseph’s spouse Mary.  Very little of St. Joseph’s life is recorded in Sacred Scripture, and not one word of his is preserved there.  Yet, in this quiet, almost hidden life, Joseph faithfully lived out his role…
Mar 23, 2025

St. Turibius of Mogrovejo

Saint Turibius de Mogrovejo (1538-1606) Sometimes life can take a rather unexpected turn, but God always provides what we need.  Turibius was born in Mayorga, Spain.  He studied law, becoming a professor at the University of Salamanca.  King Philip II appointed Turibius as chief judge of the Inquisition in Granada.  However, when the Archdiocese of Lima, Peru was in need of a new bishop, Turibius, though a layman, was chosen for the office.  Although Turibius protested, he was ordained and…
Mar 25, 2025

The Annunciation of Our Lord

The Annunciation of the Lord Just nine months till Christmas!  Today the Church honours and celebrates the Word becoming flesh in the womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Today salvation history, God’s working in human history, takes a radical turn.  Today God enters into human history Himself, taking to Himself our human nature and becoming, as it were, one of us.  And this is all thanks to the “Yes” Mary gave to God’s Will.  Her trustful and radical surrender allowed…
Apr 5, 2025

St. Vincent Ferrer

St. Vincent Ferrer (1350?-1419) A prophet for his time, Vincent is remembered most for his preaching.  Vincent was born in Valencia, Spain.  While still a youth, he entered the Dominican Order.  Vincent was recognized for his great learning and leadership.  Embarking as a missionary preacher, Vincent traveled Western Europe preaching on the need for repentance and conversion in light of the coming Judgment of God.  Many healings and miracles accompanied Vincent’ preaching.  Massive crowds flocked to witness this preacher, and…