A Note From the Pastor

A Note From the Pastor

With vaccinations happening, and with spring well and truly sprung, entering our third lockdown more than a year after the first feels pretty discouraging. The temptation to point fingers — at politicians, public officials, and others, is strong. But like the rest of this pandemic, this latest setback has the virtue of reminding us that we are fragile creatures and that however well we plan, and however hard we work, our life is not entirely in our control nor even in the control of governments and medical experts. 

I know — because some of you have been so generous as to share with me — that because of this virus, during the past year in our community there have been moments of triumph that have gone uncelebrated, moments of loss and sadness that have gone unconsoled, and so many opportunities for the daily, unspectacular expression of love among friends and family that have simply been missed. And there is more to come.

But we are still here. And the Lord is still in charge. And ultimately that’s the reason our community exists. To share the good news that we are not victims of chance and circumstance and viruses, but children of a loving God — a God who loves us so much he gave his only Son, not to condemn the world but to save it. So wherever you are in your personal story at this moment, remember you are also part of a bigger story — a story whose ending has already been written — the victory of love over sin and death. That is the victory we celebrate in this Easter season and every Sunday throughout the year.

I continue to pray for you and your families. Please also pray for our parish community.

Rev. John Redmond