Rise & Shine Message Series

Rise & Shine Message Series

Join us for “Rise and Shine” a new 4-week message series beginning January 18/19 at St. Pius Brantford

January 18/19 – Week 1 – “Rise”- a people of hope!

None of us is here because we’ve got it all under control. Each of us has things in our life that hold us back and hold us down. Our God wants nothing more than to help us — to help everyone — to rise, and to throw off those burdens.

January 25/26 – Week 2 – “Shine”- a hope fulfilled

The Lord wants us to rise. But he wants us to rise together. We were created for community, and so the Lord commands us to invite others into his community – to become “fishers of people” – and to welcome them when they arrive. This spring we are launching four new weekend ministries of hospitality, and in two weeks you will have a chance to shine – to commit to serve in one of them.

February 1/2 – Week 3 – “Rise and Shine” – together for others

The Lord commands us to welcome the stranger. In other words, to act contrary to our instincts. It’s natural to spend time with friends. It’s not so natural to engage with those we don’t know. But when we do – that’s when we truly shine!

February 8/9 Week 4 – “Rise and Shine” – answering the Lord’s call

We come to Mass to be blessed, to receive gifts from the Lord, and to become more like him. But we should also come to share our gifts. This week is your chance — a chance to step up and to step out. A chance to rise and shine!