Posts from September 2021

Posts from September 2021

Diocesan Vaccine Policy

Please find below text from Bishop Crosby that we have been asked to share with all parishioners. COVID Vaccines The official position of the Catholic Church is that all available COVID vaccines are ethical and all Catholics who are able are encouraged to receive the vaccine. All employees serving in the Diocese of Hamilton are encouraged to be fully vaccinated or to submit to a COVID rapid test every Monday and Thursday in order to carry out their responsibilities. Volunteer…

We’re Hiring!

St Pius Brantford is looking for a new Parish Secretary to keep things running smoothly. Do you have what it takes, or know someone who does? Check out our job posting and send in your resume!

What Are You Searching For?

Coming to St Pius Brantford this fall is an exciting opportunity to engage with some of life’s deepest questions. Why are we here? Who made us? Do we have a soul? What happens when I die? What is the meaning of my life? Who is this program for? It’s for those interested in learning more about the Catholic faith, for those who are thinking about becoming Catholics, and for those who are already Catholic and want to dive deeper into…