Posts from October 2020

Posts from October 2020

Give a Gift of Warmth & Comfort

Clothing for colder weather Our parish Catholic Women’s League council is once again collecting winter clothing such as socks, hats, scarves, gloves, and mittens in support of the yearly Warmth and Comfort program that distributes such items to those in need in the downtown core. You can drop off your items when you attend mass or at the Parish Office (Mon. – Thurs. 9 am-noon) We will be accepting the gifts from November 9th until the 21st.
The Search title card

“The Search” Begins

Why am I here? What is the meaning and purpose of my life? “The Search” connects the dots between these universal human questions, and what we are doing as we gather each weekend for mass. Visit our web site and set up your free registration for Formed (the site hosting the video series) and get ready to encounter some engaging, relevant, and helpful discussions. We have nearly distributed our first box of 100 participant guides to the Search video series.…

Hosts Wanted for Church Online

staying home on Christmas Eve? Be a host for our special Livestream We are actively working to make sure we can welcome as many people as possible to our online church on Christmas eve — even though there will be many fewer in our physical church. For Catholics being there is at the heart of the experience of worship, but equally close to the centre — wherever we are physically — is being “with” others. For that reason, both our…

Thanksgiving Food Drive

Our annual Thanksgiving food-drive for Saint Vincent de Paul is coming up next weekend. (That would be Thanksgiving weekend!) Don’t forget to bring (or drop off if you’re not yet coming to Mass) your donations of NON-PERISHABLE food!