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New Feature: Saints – Our heavenly Companions

For the Christian faithful, with death life is changed, not ended. So we pray in one of the prefaces to our Catholic funeral masses, and so we believe. The saints — holy men and women the Church holds up for us up as examples of the Christian life — are still members of our Church, and we Catholics have traditionally turned to them not just for their example, but also for their intercession through prayer. If you’ve been checking out…
Is a small Group for me?

Is a small group for me?

Earlier this year a group of parishioners stepped forward to participate in our small group pilot. Recently we gathered them together (virtually) to talk about their experience. Click to watch a short (4 min.) video of what they had to say. What is a small group? It is not a support group – but you will support each other It is not a prayer group – but you will pray It is not a bible study – but you will…

Graphic Designer Wanted

GIVE THE GIFT OF TIME AND TALENT Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but in online and print communications, beauty begins with good graphic design. Our parish is constantly striving to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ to the world, and we want our message to reflect the beauty of our Lord and his love for us. We need your help!  Please read the brief description of some typical projects and consider whether you would enjoy…

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Needy – Week Two

God has created a need for him. Our greatest need – above all our other needs – is for a relationship with God. We have a God-shaped hole in our heart that nothing else will fill. In this week, we will explore why we often wander from this relationship with God. We will use the story of Abraham and discuss how eventually he was willing to sacrifice everything because of his faith and trust in God. This is where God…

Needy – Week One

In this first week, we consider the reality that we all have needs. We lay out the ways in which we are tempted to use our needs in the wrong way:  We can be tempted to deny a legitimate need to say that a need is not a need at all, that we are gods as Satan tempted Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. We can be tempted to meet legitimate needs in an illegitimate way. We can be tempted…

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